Alone In This World

June 19, 2020 | 2 min read

The saying "In this life you're alone" is pretty much beginning to sink in.


People will only support you when you're doing what THEY want for you! it's a totally different ball game when you're doing what YOU want for you.

It's disheartening though when it's someone you want to feel proud of YOU. I think I get why folks have issues with their hommies.

But I really don't care because I want to be responsible for my life decisions. I know what I want is obtainable, not wrong and definaitely not defauding anyone! Don't just famz me when I achieve what I want for me.

Finally, this life no balance.

Humble beginnings pretty much messes up what people think is really possible in Life! worst still, they begin to rob it off on others.

Exposure is really something lacking in this part of the world and it's evident in the struggles a typical Nigerian youth deals with: struggles with SARS (tech bros know whats up), parents at home and even the church!

Man i'm tired! Don't live to please anyone not God! The emotional baggage is pretty much useless!

They look at you and you see "I don't trust you" written all over their eyes. How do you want me to make you believe and trust me? It's useless, it's like chasing the wind! I'll rather keep me to me. Struggle alone and celebrate my victories alone like they never existed!

It's peace of mind anyhow you see it!

The way you look at someone can pretty much communicate killer vibes than any useless word coming out of your mouth (YES, it's useless when you refuse to kill your subjective self)

Being a MAN is not easy! worst still is starting to make your own decisions. I guess I understand why children are called children. People love control!

When your cashflow is stable you'll pretty much be able to do what you want without someone having to talk down your hustle (seriously do you know how hard I worked to get here and you're just talking me down?) because you look upto them.

I'll keep my distance. You good and I'm good, Life doesnt have to be soo complicated!

But it would have been a lot better if you had just given me th benefit of doubt and really come to terms with the fact that decision making is something I can only be good at when I make my own decisons and learn from the outcome! no matter what it is.

Even God allows his children to fail and afterwards correct them. It's not as if the road has not been travlled before! the records are there. It's only a matter of what you choose to believe.

Psst... I'll just hold unto Jesus, at least I know he cares. I only wished you allowed ME be ME.


In this world YOU ARE ALONE.

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