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Hi, I'm Prosper Opara.
I build web applications
that are scalable

TLDR: Fullstack Engineer and Technical Writer.

I have been coding for over 2 years with experience building fullstack web applications as a freelancer for clients, contributing to open source and working on personal projects. I'm a stack agnostic developer, as I pretty much learn what I need to deliver projects. Nevertheless, I have more experience building fullstack Javascript applications (React for FE and Node for BE), PHP/Laravel powered applications, API's (RESTful and GraphQL), persisting data with SQL and NoSQL databases. Recently, I started digging into Docker, K8s and cloud computing.

When I am not coding I love to spend my time writing technical articles on web technologies and volunteering for developer communities. I'm a GitHub Campus Expert (#GithubEducation), Co-lead for the Facebook Developer Circles Owerri (#DevCOwerri) and a Learning Community Ambassador for the Andela Learning Community (#ALCImo)

P.S: I love being called kodekage(an aliase I adopted after seeing the great ninja war in the Naruto anime series which is my favorite). I gave it meaning and from my perspective it means "I'm responsible for my code". I'm the lord of my codeland and oversee it's readability, maintainability, cleanliness etc. I'm not a perfect kage but I learn from the complaints of my people (error logs and stack traces) and keep the god's happy (runtime engine).

Work Experience

MLH Fellow

May 2020 - Present


As part of the inaugural class of MLH Fellows, I contributed to Open Source projects with a team of Fellows under the educational mentorship of a professional software engineer.

Freelance Software Engineer

May 2020 - Present


I build full stack web applications for Tunga clients. My stack includes; MERN, PHP/Laravel, Database (Postgresql, MySQL, MongoDB).

Fullstack Developer

Sept. 2019 - Nov. 2019

Nigeria, Remote

The HNG internship is a 3-month remote internship designed to find and develop the most talented software developers. The intern coders are introduced to complex programming frameworks, and get to work on real world software. During the HNG 6.0 Internship I successfully:

  • Consumed the slack API and built a Slack app (bot) that stores conversations in channels.
  • Worked with agile methodology for software development using pivotal-tracker for delivering projects to clients.
  • Used and deepened my understanding of versioning using Git and GitHub for collaboration.
  • Learnt empathy leading a software engineering team which require more than coding skills.
  • Contributed to building a laravel based freelancing application used for managing clients and payment.
  • Small wins:
  • I learnt the architecture of Restful API's and how to build one
  • I got a deeper understanding of Node.js/Express.js
  • I worked with the PHP Laravel framework
  • Project GitHub URL:
  • slackbot
  • Lancers

Technical Lead

Nov. 2018 - May. 2019

Owerri, Nigeria

During my time as the technical lead at Agrohive:

  • I built the first company portfolio site which helped increase brand visibility on the internet.
  • I managed the servers hosting the companies site.
  • I maintained the web platform and squashed production bugs as they occurred.

Technical Writer

July 2019 - July 2019

USA, remote

I was contracted to write detailed articles based on ThisDot Media Yolo brolo series on the company YouTube channel. I delivered two technical articles that were published:




Community Lead

July 2019 - Present
Owerri, Nigeria

Campus Expert

Sept. 2018 - Present
Owerri, Nigeria

Learning Community Ambassador

May 2018 - Present
Owerri, Nigeria

Community Lead

July 2018 - Jan. 2019
Owerri, Nigeria



Google Developer Group Owerri Info Session Feb. 2020
Forloop Aba Jan. 2018
Microsoft Student Community FUTO Nov. 2019


Microsoft Student Community FUTO Feb. 2019
Open Source Community Afria Aba March 2019


Developer Circles Owerri Build Day Nov 2019

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